About the Artist


Sally McDevitt’s passion for art was evident at an early age, yet throughout her life, her painting was merely a hobby. She often gave her paintings to friends and family members as gifts but did not attempt to become known to the public until she retired from the business world and offered paintings to be shown at Weems in January 2002. McDevitt is an overnight success.

Working in oils and acrylics, McDevitt captures the New Mexico landscape in a realistic style. Her window-sized paintings bring the outdoors in, and wispy clouds in bold blue skies virtually drift across the canvas. Inspired by the region’s enchanting natural light, McDevitt’s tranquil landscapes of boulders, arroyos, and prickly pear blossoms are rendered dramatic by their stoic presence.

Most mornings I go to my studio anticipating my next brushstrokes on paintings in progress. I tie on an apron, place paint on a palette and stand before my easel. After turning on music I love, I leave the world behind, and enter a landscape on my canvas, feeling the warmth of the light I have painted, or the cool shadows.

Dwelling in my canvas, I am enchanted with how the light transforms common plants and objects into magnificent objects of nature. I am inspired to capture that light and express it on my canvas.

I am sated just for a while.

Visit Sally McDevitt’s Studio
in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
by appointment, and see work
in progress

Contact Information:

Sally McDevitt
4429 Magnolia DR NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Telephone: (505) 298-3852
E-mail: mcdevittsally@gmail.com